Catalog (PDF)

RFG-1B is a modern,security and functional device.It is produced by the high electronic design and for the design experienced with 53 years of experience on the generator technology. It has all the efficient functions for any procedures of theraphy.Its basic and understood front panel provide the users easily

Impedance,stimulator,out of RF,time and temperature controls are on the front panel from left to right,colorful and big digital index.RFG-1B is the more conscessive fort he wide parameters,otomotic control for the temperature,continous and pulse RF modes. RFG-1B is suitable for the existing electrots.

RFG-1B generators are economic and effective in the RF generators since the oqing that one part,light and carriageable.. Output test Unity and sterible test Pedi generators’s output enables the electrots and cables to test efficiently.COSMAN MEDICAL presents the users more technology and less cost by the modern design